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Omnos Sex Hormone, Fertility and Thyroid Complete Blood Test: Female

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Gain an understanding of fertility levels and investigate if a hormonal imbalance could be affecting your fertility.

Why take a Fertility and Hormone Blood Test? This test is designed to help identify possible causes of symptoms such as changes in sleep, libido, struggle to get up, sleepy after lunch, PCOS, brain fog, menopause and most importantly to look into your Anti - Mullerian Hormone (AMH) levels to assess your fertility. 

The team at Omnos will look at the levels of circulating hormones within the body and key biomarkers for assessing risk of PCOS and menopause. It can also help indicate where you are within the menopausal transition (perimenopause) and enable you to assess Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) dosage that may help in relieving symptoms.
This test can also be used to investigate causal relationships of psychological and physiological stress related symptoms that may be impacting menstrual cycles as well as looking into exercise capacity and stress resilience. It will also assess full thyroid health, cholesterol and vitamin D status and pituitary regulating factors that may impact eating behaviours, digestion, sexual function and menopause.

What is AMH and why test it for fertility? AMH is a hormone produced by the ovarian follicles and is used as an indication of the number of remaining viable eggs (ovarian reserve) in women. With increasing age, the quality and number of ovarian follicles decline and therefore blood AMH levels also decrease, dropping significantly as menopause approaches.

Test Type   -   At home finger prick blood sample
Biomarkers tested   -   25
Processing time   -   5 - 7 days

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