Equilibrium Bath & Shower Essence


This gentle and delicately harmonising blend of lavender and sandalwood moisturising essence (a concentrated form of aromatherapy oil) is applied directly to the skin to help you to navigate the most turbulent and chaotic daily challenges, bringing a sense of calm when you are in the eye of the storm. Nourishing and restorative, this gentle but potent essential oil elixir will engulf you in an aura of serenity.

This replenishing essence is designed to be massaged on to the body, ideally after a bath or shower when the skin is still slightly moist. It can be used day and night and will continue to works its gentle, harmonising aromatherapy magic long after application. 

At the end of a long and tough day, we recommend using the Equilibrium Bath & Shower Essence as a healing foot soak. Fill a basin (or bottom of a bath) with warm water and decant a capful of the essence in to the bath. Sit with your feet immersed in the warm water whilst inhaling the harmonising oils. 

Fragonia - a magical soother of anxiety on all levels, known to help to regulate circadian rhythms.
English Lavender - helps soothe overwrought nervous systems and clear emotional imbalance.
Organic Apricot kernel - rich in gamma linoleic acid, vitamin A and E to tone, to help soothe and rejuvenate.

Base - A calming, rich sweet woody balsamic foundation of sandalwood and frankincense helps to harmonise.
Heart - A floral heart of rich, honeyed floral sweet indolic hints of jasmine and otto rose with a tea-like undertone.
Top - A delicate citrus introduction of bergamot and blood orange, accented with fresh balsamic notes to enhance optimism.