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Omnos Enviro-toxins Test

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Find out how environmental pollutants affect your body and where they might originate from to help you to optimise your environment for a healthier life with this organic acids test.
Why take an Enviro - Toxins Test? Also referred to as the organic acids test, it analyses 76 markers to provide you with a comprehensive metabolic snapshot of your health. It also screens 20 of the most common environmental pollutants.

Taking this organic acid test will help you understand your metabolism, provide insights into the strain caused by bacteria and fungi, liver function and neurotransmitter metabolism. It assesses your energy production, amino acid balance, vitamin requirements, detoxification ability, and microbial imbalances, as well as,  revealing your environmental toxin load.

Test type: Urine sample collected in a pot.
Biomarkers tested
Processing time: 3 weeks

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