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Omnos Elements Mineral Levels Test

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Learn about your exposure to potentially toxic metals like methylmercury and arsenic, and time - averaged status of specific nutrient elements.

Why take an Elements Test? This test analyses over 30 crucial heavy metals that may be interfering with your health. Gain insight into the mineral content of body tissue, assess exposures to toxic heavy metals, and understand how your mineral and toxic ratios influence each other and the impact this has on your overall health.

With this elements test, you will get a snapshot view of your mineral deficiencies and imbalances that can help predict the development of physiological abnormalities and accompanying abnormal toxic element levels or mineral imbalances. The data collected will allow the team at Omnos to give you actionable insights and personalised recommendations including important nutrients for you to improve your health outcomes.

Hair sample (0.25g/1 spoonful)
Biomarkers tested - 40
Processing time   -  2 weeks

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