Digital Face Mist

An enlivening, remedial facial spritz which reboots both your skin and mind. The Digital Face Mist is high in antioxidant and free radical-scavengers, known to help stimulate cellular detoxification protecting from inflammation, and helping to prevent photo-aging.
Tips to Use
When in front of screen for many hours, take some deep breaths and roll your shoulders. Use the Digital Face Mist to spritz yourself with 2-3 sprays from a comfortable distance. Can be used daily whenever you feel the need and is especially ideal for when flying.

AMETHYST - Restoring, rebalancing. Helps soothe inflamed skin whilst stimulating regeneration. Energetically believed to relax the nerves and help heal your aura, allowing it to restore and rebalance.

VITAMIN B12 - Anti-inflammatory, Soothing. Vitamin B12 is a known anti-inflammatory that soothes, balances and helps regulate the skin.

Key Ingredients

Remedy 32 - 32 is all about communication and self-expansion. It holds an energy which allows you to harness creativity and harmony.

Rose Damascena Flower Water, Vitamin B12, Aqua, Glycerin, Glycine Soya Extract, Amethyst Powder, Mel, Propanediol and Buddleja Officinalis Flower Extract