Margaret Dabbs

Crystal Nail File

The Margaret Dabbs London Nail File is slim, elegant and made of the finest, highest quality abrasive crystal and can be used on both fingers and toes. Perfect to keep in your handbag, your make-up bag or on your desk. Unlike traditional emery boards and disposable nail files, this long lasting nail file doesn’t wear out, making it the perfect tool for keeping your nails strong, healthy, and beautifully shaped for years to come.
Tips to Use
The quality of the crystal means the nails can be filed in any direction without damage to them. Can be used to reduce thickened nails by sliding file over the top of affected nail. Clean the Crystal Nail File with soapy water and dab dry.
  •  Hygienic to use
  •  Promotes strong nails
  •  Promotes healthy growth of nails