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Therapie Crystal Clear Smelling Salts

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These are a modern take on an old fashion remedy. These bright energising crystal salts help to inspire, lifting your energy and spirits when they’re flagging. Historically, smelling salts' main ingredient was the foul - smelling irritant ammonia, which induced an impactful inhalation, whilst our creation includes only natural health - inducing ingredients for a reviving, clarifying inspiration.

Daily Immersion:

Open jar and hold the smelling salts at about chin level. Inhale deeply two or three times. For a deeper, ongoing stimulus whilst you work leave the jar open next to you on your desk. Refresh the crystal salts with one of two drops of the essence every two weeks.

Deep Immersion:

For a creativity - enhancing ritual, you can use the Crystal Clear salts as a sharpening tool in a desk - based short creative mediation. Rest the open smelling salts jar on the desk in front of you and take three deep breaths to enable the aromatherapy molecules to disperse and work their magic. 

Core Therapeutic Ingredients:

Rosewood -   refreshes and promotes a sense of courage and a can - do attitude.
Frankincense -   a sacred 'protective' oil that wards off negative energy and promotes self expression.
Wild Rose -   a heart opening oil that helps induce good vibrations for mind and spirit.

Aromatherapy Notes:

Base -  A fresh woody base with rosy undertones interwoven with lemon with an undertone of spice.
Heart -   A deep, rich floral heart with hints of spice and herbaceous accents.
Top -   Fresh sharp sparkling citrus notes with hints of herbaceous camphorous notes.

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