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Book in with one of our chosen few more natural and holistic specialists from meditation teachers and psychedelic guides to genetic testing and facial massage classes, these are some of the most transformational people and practices Suzanne has experienced in her career.

 Suzanne works with holistic specialists in the following areas and modalities (among others):

Menopause | Natural Menopause solutions | Hormones | Couples Menopause Counselling | Insomnia | Acupunture | Anxiety | Stress | Skin issues | Age management | Depression | Trauma | Eating disorders | Digestive & Gut problems | Phobias | Astrology | Psychedelic Therapy | Sex Therapy | Relationship counselling | Couples Menopause Counselling | Fertility Support| Energy management | Business coaching | Life coaching | Yoga | Pilates | Alexandra Technique  | Holistic Dentistry | Wealth Management | Digital Detox 


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The Onolla Practitioners

The Plant Medicine & Intimacy Intuitive- Sarah Tilley

Sarah is a superb clinical therapist and educator in modern relationships and erotic intelligence and was a student of the veteran couples counsellor Esther Perel. She is also a Psychedelic Guide who has been working in the field of “altered states” for 20 years, using it as part of her therapy approach.⁠⁠ Last year I embarked on a guided psilocybin journey with Sarah because I was fascinated by the extensive research showing its benefits in treating a range of mental health issues, especially depression and anxiety, and having a lasting positive effect on mood and creativity. It was INCREDIBLE. Sarah’s multi-faceted modalities can help singles needing to find purpose in themself and their life to couples needing to repurpose their relationship.

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A meditation masterpiece - Jillian Lavender

After years searching for a meditation practice I would stick to and feel the benefits I landed on Vedic Meditation taught by cool, calm collected Jillian, Co-Founder of London Meditation Centre. I love her no nonsense, evidence based approach (she is formerly an executive for a global publishing company so she knows what living with a busy mind is like). Vedic style is not complicated, it simply involves sitting with your eyes closed for around 20 minutes in the morning and again late afternoon/early evening repeating a mantra internally (a meaningless sound). The mantra quiets the mind and takes you to a settled state and I feel like I am having a half awake half asleep nap. I am no longer tired and wired. Plus I meditate for vanity as much as sanity as one study published in the International Journal of Neuroscience, found that meditators had biological ages that were on average 12 years younger than their chronological age. Another, looked at the effect of meditation practices on promoting cell longevity, both through decreasing stress hormones and oxidative stress as well as increasing hormones that may protect telomeres. It’s a no brainer. 

Numerous studies show that regular meditators have decreased stress hormones and oxidative stress, and a recent study shows a reduced inflammatory response in long-term meditators versus a matched control group. The list of compelling studies on its effect on our health is endless.

ONOLLA OFFER: Direct access to Jillian, fast-track to London Meditation Centre introductory talks and retreats plus a complimentary signed copy of Jillian’s Book, Why Meditate? Because it Works.

The Soul Sorcerer - Katie Brindle

I had a BaZi with the dynamic, talented Chinese Medicine Practitioner Katie, recently to look at menopause and other things through a more natural lense. A BaZi reading, is a 2 hour consultation that has been used in classical Chinese medicine for thousands of years to discover the unique picture of your energetic and emotional profile and how this influences your life, including health, wellbeing and character traits. It helps answer the question 'why' you are the way you are, why things happen the way they do, why you have the illnesses or symptoms you have then offers the solutions as to what you can do about it. It is a once-in-a-life-changing experience, is like having a torch shon on your soul highlighting not only what truly lights you up, but the shadows that need lightening up to heal, too. 

ONOLLA OFFER: 10% off of a BaZi with Katie.
1 hour = £382.50 (usually £425)
2 hours = £715.50 (usually £795

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The Face Whisperer - Beata Aleksandrowicz

I have been at the receiving end of this international massage expert and healer for nigh on 20 years now. Beata has studied massage and touch therapy for over 25 years, has written two books about its benefits and is one of a kind. ‘The power of touch transcends language, race and borders’ says Beata. ‘It makes us human’. Regular, positive touch is truly transformative. It can change people’s lives’ she says. And she’s right. Her treatments are extraordinary (she even worked on my father when he was seriously ill in hospital with incredible results). Her face massage classes and one-to-one masterclasses are the best going During the session Beata will create bespoke face massage routine for you that you can easily incorporate into your schedule. You will practice together with her addressing all concerns that you may have. She will also address any needed lifestyle and wellbeing steps to make sure that your face is glowing with health and vitality.

ONOLLA OFFER: 10% off a 1:1 face massage tuition with Beata £166.50 (usually £185)

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The Gene Team - Omnos

 I loved the Omnos approach instantly like me they understand you are unique therefore need a tailored approach and that importantly, our genes our not our fate. Their goal is to shift the focus of health and wellness from treating symptoms to a more efficient holistic prevention model centred around you and carefully choose their lab partners based on the highest standards of accreditation and accuracy. Their team of scientists and practitioners work in combination with our data experts to ensure accurate results and actions.

ONOLLA OFFER: Direct access to the Thomas Olivier, co-founder of Omnos

Body Confidence Builders - The Cabin Gym Barnes

I will say it now, having this technique and team on my doorstep ( across the road from Onolla store in Barnes) is a serious boon. I embarked on this private members, personal training club’s 15 minute miracle workout as it is dubbed to build up bone strength, muscle tone, release endorphins and because my Omnos results (see above) revealed high intensity exercise is good for my body. Membership (of all varieties and commitments) offer unlimited personal training and tailored nutrition and their educated approach to exercise is science backed, opting for short bursts of intense exercise which have been shown to stimulate muscle fibres and activate your body’s natural growth hormone - aiding fat loss and building youthful, toned muscle. It has done all of the above carving out the best body I have had in years.

ONOLLA OFFER: 10% off a 1 month programme
£449 (usually £499)

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Tailored Wellbeing - The Onolla Concierge Gold Service

Onolla Concierge is a very personal health and wellbeing shopping list created by me for you. Basically you can put me in your cart now too. You’ll receive a few specific questions on email followed by a more in depth 1:1 with me at Onolla or online to reveal your current three weakest areas that need some attention (I look at everything from how you feel about how you look to how you feel mentally, physically and emotionally), resulting in my recommended practices, practitioners and products for your needs be it menopause support to a beauty regime overhaul. You then get a follow-up with me to see how you’re getting on. 

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