Silver Duckett List


Needing a personal health and beauty edit?
You are in the right place...

Suzanne has tailored many spa trips, wellness programmes, practitioners, practices and beauty shopping lists for everyone from busy people like you and to celebrities, actors and business owners needing practical support. Now she can do it for you too.

Suzanne, her Green Team and the help of Onolla's Circle of Life chart (a cool circular chart we have designed) will unearth where you are at right now, what areas you need to prioritise and focus on to improve your wellbeing, including your your own tailored Duckett List (all via email)  to help you do this.

Put the kettle on and make yourself a cuppa, then sit down and take stock, fill in our questionnaire and wait for your Duckett List of products and practices perfect for you to land in your inbox.

*This is not to replace medical advice and where necessary you must consult your GP as your primary healthcare worker.