Spruce Up Your Bathroom

The bathroom should be one of the most private spaces in any home but how it looks really affects its functionality and how it makes us feel. Here are some simple ideas to turn it into a luxurious sanctuary without a complete refit.


From almost-empty conditioner bottles through to tatty sponges and rusty razors, if your bathing space is a mess, it’s time for a blitz! If anything hasn’t been used for six months, check expiry dates and where necessary, throw it away. Keep surfaces as clear as possible.


When was the last time you bought new towels? They are a great investment because you use them every day and you can colour-code them for ease.


Many bathrooms are small, so if you do not have cupboards to hide your toiletries and other products away, use storage creatively. Add pull-out shelves to deep cupboards to keep necessities ordered and easily accessible, and hang baskets on the wall for hand towels, washcloths and other bathing essentials.


Rusty handles on drawers and dirty knobs on cabinets can be replaced quickly and easily, giving your bathroom a facelift in the process. Clear, glossy hardware will create a streamlined, minimalist look, while heavier metal pieces will give your bathroom a more rustic feel.


The bathroom should be treated like any other room in your house. Give it an instant boost by hanging some carefully chosen framed (bathroom-friendly) artwork or a new, oversized mirror to make the room look bigger than it is. Let these pieces become a focal point to add to and accessorise around.


Outdated or unflattering bathroom lighting can be easily updated for a warmer or softer lightbulb or even a new statement lighting fixture. Avoid cold, fluorescent lighting and bulbs that are too yellow.


A lick of paint on the walls is one of the easiest and most inexpensive ways to really change the look of a room. Make sure you choose a non-toxic paint and a formula designed for moist conditions, and select a colour for its mood-altering as well as aesthetic appeal.

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