Moon musings for August

by EMMA HOWARTH, Onolla's Moon Editor

INnd just like that, it was August! Whether you have a month of sunny days, slow living and down time ahead of you or something more complicated (we know the school holiday struggle is real!), there’s magic to be found as Leo season hits its stride.

Bold, brave and big-hearted Leo is ruled by the sun and likes nothing more than soaking it up. There’s a celebratory air to Leo season, too – one we’ll be embracing here at Onolla with as many outdoor picnics, sea swims and star-gazing sessions and as we can squeeze in to our days!

 For those interested in the Wheel of the Year, August kicks off with Lughnasadh (or Lammas) – a festival that marks the beginning of harvest season and is often celebrated by baking bread. A week later, a new moon in the sign of Leo (8 August) urges all of us to get creative, embrace the good life and find our inner roar.

But it’s the August full moon we’ll be anticipating most this month. It’s the second full moon in as many months in the sign of Aquarius – a free-spirited, independent sign that values activism, community spirit and people power. Think back to any magic or manifestations you were trying to call in last month and consider this your lucky second chance to get the universe on side. We’ll be crossing our fingers for a clear night so we can get outside and moon-bathe.

Virgo season also begins on 22 August bringing a spot of back-to-school energy to the last week of the month. If you’re ready for a fresh start, fancy getting your life in order or want to get back on track with a health kick that’s gone astray over the summer now is the time to set the right wheels in motion.

It’s high summer and the living is (hopefully) easy… but there are plenty of good times ahead, too. Dream big as August comes to and end and who knows what September will bring?

Moon-bathing musts:


Moss of the Isles

Quiet Bath Salts

Feminine Happy Oil
Feminine Happy Oil


Feminine Happy Oil


Key dates for August

1 August – 
Lughnasadh or Lammas Day (a celebration marking the beginning of harvest season) // 8 August – New moon in Leo (14:49 GMT) // 22 August – Virgo season begins // 22 August – Full moon in Aquarius (13:01 GMT)