8 ways to build resilience

Human nature is to survive, but in order to flourish, we need resilience 


Set goals 

Resilience means being able to establish solutions when things seem insurmountable. View the situation in its entirety, break it down to manageable steps and set goals for each. Remove the power from a crisis situation and the power becomes our own. Nothing is a catastrophe.


Don’t lose sight

... of what it is you want. Understand that every action you take is a step either toward or away from your goals.

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Learn to fail

Don’t try to solve the problem using the same thought process that created it. Resilient people don’t worry so much about failure – they prefer to use the experience of it to galvanise a thought process of change. When we mess up, we need to be honest about it and give ourselves time to think about what didn’t work and why.


Define positive language.

The voices in our head are not always on our side, but they are just voices. When we hear them move to the darkness, we can replace them with positive language. Darkness cannot exist in the presence of light. We are good enough. We are strong enough. We should never let the voices tell us otherwise.


Believe in who you are

Belief is the mother of behavior. What we do with ourselves mirrors precisely how we feel about ourselves. If we leave the behavior alone and work on our belief, our behaviour will change organically.

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Overcome the fear of failure.

f we view something that is hard – something that we could fail at – as a challenge, then we are more likely to think that we have the capabilities to achieve it. Failure is not a threat. Our bodies don’t have to prepare for war. It is not a disease to be avoided. Failure is a lesson. It is an opportunity for us to overcome challenges and practice being resilient. Resilient people understand that failure is not falling down – it is the refusal to get back up.


Understand that we are all growing

Life is not what happens to us – it is what happens within us. Resilient people don’t stop discovering new obstacles and lessons to learn –they just become more courageous and adept and handling them. We need to give ourselves the opportunity to grow.


Create your own ‘why’

Resilient people search for lessons in situations. They search for a meaning that gives a clear sense of purpose and allows them to view obstacles from a much broader perspective. Hard times require resilience. They require us to listen to our emotions, learn from the complexities of our experiences and discover pathways in both our successes and our failures.

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