The Weekly Duckett List: 5th April 22


Hi! How are you getting on? I have some exciting news for you, but you might want to grab a cuppa and read this to the end, because I'm going to save you money and give you the most detoxified, exfoliated, hydrated and plumped skin you've had for years in a matter of days – simply by slipping a product or two into your existing routine.

How? We are all coming out of what feels like a two-year hibernation, so I wanted to offer a spa-like cure for the skin to help us mentally and physically shed a layer and get our glow back. So, my first exclusive Onolla collaboration is with a whip-smart, transformational super-serum brand called Elixeri (I'm setting the bar high for Onolla exclusive bundles and deals, I tell you!).

The Fresh Start Duo

The Onolla & Elixseri Limited Edition Fresh Start Duo contains two serums, Opening Act and Rescue for just £129, giving you a 20% saving (usually £161 when bought separately)

serum duo
serum duo
serum packaging


Limited Edition Fresh Start Duo


When serums started appearing in every beauty brand's line a few years ago, I have to admit I rolled my eyes. It's just a way to get us to buy another product – and an expensive one at that, I thought. What are moisturisers and skin oils for? I had a lot to learn as it turned out. It boils down to, ahem, good penetration for ultimate performance, ladies. So, having skipped the serum for years (too scrimpy and too busy), I have recently discovered that using a good serum is a skincare game changer worth every penny and every second of effort.

Don't just take my word for it – recent research shows that while we are ditching lengthy multi-step routines, serums are not part of the bathroom cabinet reshuffle (data shows they make up a huge part of the UK's skincare market). The experts say that, yes, we want simple in terms of step, but sophisticated in terms of ingredients and delivery.

What's inside?


Opening Act
Opening Act


The core serum from the Elixseri range, Opening Act gently removes a layer of dead cells, creating a smoother surface. Your skin is cleaner, feels fresher, looks more even and best of all, will make all your other skincare products work better for you 


Rescue Diver
Rescue Diver
Rescue Diver
Rescue Diver


A hydrating and cell-plumping serum. Rescue Diver immediately drenches thirsty skin with long-lasting hydration surging moisture levels and plumping it from within. It brings instant comfort to dry and dehydrated skins, guarding against pollution, fatigue and skin stress, leaving skin supple and soft with fewer visible lines. 

Try the 10 day cure 

Suzanne Explains how to slip the Onolla & Elixseri Fresh Start Duo into your skincare routine and see amazing results within just 10 days. 

What's so outstanding about Elixseri? Well, Faiza Cochrane-Janselme, Elixseri's gutsy female co-founder, has been developing, marketing and selling cosmetics for over 25 years, working internationally for brands including Givenchy and La Prairie. Between her and her crack team, they have over 72 years in the skincare business. 'We could see consumers were craving powerful, high-tech and results-driven serums, but in clean and natural formulations, with luxurious textures, pleasant scents and pretty but sustainable packaging,' says Faiza.

'Using Mother Nature as our guide, and with the help of some formidable scientists and biotechnology, our formulas are based on a clean philosophy that respects your skin and the environment, but makes no compromise in terms of technology, purity and luxury. Green and clean should not be incompatible with luxury.'

Faiza had me at green, clean and luxurious, but this is just the tip of Elixseri's iceberg. Read more about the serious Science Behind The Serums. 

We couldn't keep the Onolla + Elixseri Limited Edition Fresh Start Duo to ourselves and may have mentioned it to a few of our regular customers at Onolla in Barnes, resulting in us having to start a waiting list (I KNOW!), so get yours quick before they're gone. I've bagged mine already…

Love Suzanne X