The Weekly Duckett List: 14th April 22


April is birthday month in my family – my father, sister and I are all Aries, which has made for interesting times! – and it's a particularly special birthday for me this year (but more on that later this month). So April, for me, has always meant presents and given that I get a bigger kick out of giving than receiving, this year I have a special gift for one lucky winner.

We are giving away a fabulous box called Spring's Fresh Start, worth over £700 – a 'new you in a box', basically! I've called it Spring's Fresh Start not only because it is inspired by our first exciting brand partnership with Elixseri serums (and contains our fabulous Elixseri skin game changer Fresh Start Duo), but because it makes the perfect present for someone who has made their own brave fresh start since the pandemic. Someone who, against the odds, has turned adversity into opportunity and turned things around for the better. Who do you think deserves a chance to win this bumper box of self-care health and beauty goodies to reward their tenacity, resilience and determination to find the gold in the mud? 

Art, beauty and self-preservation will get us through anything. Good luck with entering our fantastic giveaway!

Love Suzanne,X

We are only running the giveaway for a week, so get tagging! The winner will be announced on Thursday 21st April on our Instagram.

How does it work?

Head over to our instagram and tag someone who deserves this special treat, one tag per comment - and you can nominate yourself too!


The Fresh Start Duo

This dynamic duo contains two Elixseri serums Opening Act and Rescue Diver. When used together this fantastic pairing will give you a spa-like glow at home, detoxifying, exfoliating, hydrating and plumping the skin. 

serum duo
serum duo
serum packaging


Limited Edition Fresh Start Duo


Omnos Genes Test (worth £149)
coming soon to Onolla

Omnos investigates over 700,000 gene variants and taps into more than 500 gene reports across 70 categories of your health and wellness to help give you a better understanding of your genetic blueprint. Get insight into your detoxification ability, antioxidant and omega-3 needs, alcohol response, caffeine sensitivity, lactose intolerance… the list goes on!


Onolla Gold Concierge (worth £250)

A 1:1 tailored wellbeing audit with yours truly – let me help you join the dots to find and implement the best regime to help you thrive. You will receive a 60-minute call with me, followed by a more comprehensive download of the products, practices and practitioner recommendations perfect for you. Gold Onolla Concierge also includes additional discovery calls and fast-track access to some of Onolla’s experts.

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Origin, Non-Toxic Eau de Parfum
Origin, Non-Toxic Eau de Parfum



Origin Eau de Parfum (worth £95)

Medeau is the clean fine-fragrance house, exclusively stocked at Onolla. Their debut scent, Origin, is a springtime floral with top notes of elderflower and bergamot, and base notes of vanilla, amberwood and cashmere musks – a truly clean and safe fragrance for all. 


Jasmine Hemsley, East by West - The Bundle (worth £68)

Jasmine’s fabulous, nurturing East by West tools are a newer addition to the Onolla shelves (both digitally and physically). Rooted in ancient Ayurvedic traditions, the bundle includes the Neem Comb, which helps to prevent dandruff, combat frizziness and reduce hair fall; the Kansa Wand, designed to activate Marma points (vitality points) to increase the flow of Prana (life-force energy) from the top of your head to the tips of your toes; and the Tongue Tingler, a traditional tool that’s an integral part of the Ayurvedic morning routine and works to promote mouth health.

The East by West Bundle
The East by West Bundle
The East by West Bundle
The East by West Bundle

East by West, Jasmine Hemsley

The East by West Bundle

Why Meditate? Because it Works
Why Meditate? Because it Works



Why Meditate? Because it works, by Jillian Lavender (worth £16.99)

Meditation is something everyone can benefit from and Vedic meditation is a particular technique that brings spirit and science-based evidence together and creates a simple but disciplined framework to a doable, daily meditation practice. This is the book you need to truly understand mediation and inspire you to seek a practice of your own. Jillian cuts through the noise to deliver a fresh, modern account of what meditation is and why it works.