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Let's Talk About Qi (pronounced chee btw): What Is It And What Can It Do For You?

We talk Qi and wellbeing with Katie Brindle an acclaimed Chinese medicine practitioner and the fabulous founder of Hayo'u Method (a simple, but profoundly effective series of self-treatments comprising of tools and easy one-minute techniques).

Katie, other than a great way to use a Q in a game of scrabble, what on earth is Qi?

It is a cornerstone of Chinese Medicine. Qi is, quite simply, energy.Western Medicine may not recognise Qi (although acupuncture has become widely accepted) but quantum physicists have identified a concept that explains it (brace yourself!). This is known as String Theory, a unified theory of the universe that postulates that the fundamental ingredients of nature are not zero-dimensional point particles but tiny one-dimensional filaments called strings.

A ‘string’ has its own vibrational pattern. These tiny loops of string make up the smallest physical units to make up an atom. Atoms then collect together to form a molecule, which make up the cells of a human body. In terms of Chinese Medicine, the vibrational energy that these tiny loops of string move with is called Qi. In other words, we and everything else are simply a collection of vibrating atoms!

What’s the holy grail of good health?

Chinese wisdom teaches that good circulation is the foundation of our health. Efficient circulation keeps the cells of the immune system moving, so that they can work effectively. Start with the Tapping Ritual using a cupped hand or the Hayo'u Body Tapper Bamboo Tapping is a great way to boost circulation and encourage a smooth flow of blood and qi around the body, supporting your wellbeing whatever your age or physical state. Also, tap your thymus gland every day. Your thymus is situated behind your breastbone, and it’s where T cells, which fight infection, are produced in the body. Tap with all fingertips.


What are your stress busting tips?

Rescue Breath is an instant and effortless defence against stress. It restores the parasympathetic nervous system, calms the mind and heart rate, deeply oxygenates the blood and overrides any emotional negativity. And it only takes a minute.


1. Expel

Expel stale air by breathing in through the nose and purposefully out through the mouth three times. Stale air accumulates overnight and during stressful periods.


2. Descend


Take five slow, deep breaths. With each exhalation allow your focus to descend into the lower abdomen.


3. Smile


During exhalation send your smile into the lower abdomen. This sends a positive mental intention right to the energetic centre of the body, leaving you calm and centred.


How can we quieten a buzzing mind and feel truly centred?

Balance your Stomach Qi:

1. Rest and sleep

2. Designate areas in your home as ‘worry-free zones’

3. Make a list of things that make you happy and satisfied, make sure you refer back to this list and set aside time do these things each week

4. Write a list of the things you are most grateful for in life

5. Go for a long walk and think about what you see that you appreciate, such as nature

6. Simply chewing your food well puts less pressure on your spleen. Chewing obviously stimulates the production of saliva, which Chinese wisdom considers incredibly important for your health.

7. Rubbing your belly in a clockwise direction warms up your centre, which stimulates spleen and stomach qi to guide digestion to reduce bloating. Try 10 circles a day.


‘Physics, that most precise of sciences, shows that there is a unity behind all existence, one that provides connections in new, amazing and previously un-demonstrated ways. In that unity, matter in the body forms “one huge, coherent vibration,” and existence continually remakes itself, its electrons forming and reforming in dancing clouds.’ Quantum physicist Dr Hans-Peter Düer, April 2015

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