Alternative Caffeine

According to a study published by the National Centre for Biotechnology Information, if you have a sensitive stomach lining, drinking coffee, even decaffeinated beans, on an empty tummy can make you bloat, and cause indigestion and heartburn.

Plus coffee on an empty stomach can also increase peeing, potentially dehydrating you. Not good in the morning after hours sleeping and ‘drying out’. It can also affect your pulse, causing an irregular heartbeat by putting pressure on the heart.

Add to that the fact the body releases the hormone cortisol at its highest levels between 8am and 9am to wake you up. Experts reckon coffee could mess with this natural process by decreasing the cortisol levels, making you too reliant on the caffeine to get you going.

Save your cup of coffee until later and try this alternative DIY caffeine hit - a coffee body scrub to awaken your senses and soup up sluggish circulation, by Jessica Sproson who designs Soho House Group’s Cowshed Spa treatments.


Mix 3 tbsp sea salt, 2 tbsp oil - any can be used but avocado oil is ideal (though I’m currently using the oils at the back of the cupboard that are past their use-by date) with 1 tbsp fresh coffee grounds (if you use coffee pods, just break them open).

Apply to dry skin if not too sensitive otherwise slightly damp.

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