5 summer kitchen tricks

Onolla’s seasonal food editor, Anne Harnan, on her failsafe tips for freshness during the warmer months


For salad...

Buying bagged salad leaves can be disappointing if the leaves don’t last once the bag is opened. My fail-safe tip for longer-lasting freshness is to take a piece of kitchen roll, fold it in half and pop inside the opened bag, between the leaves and the sides. This absorbs excess moisture and stops the leaves turning to mush where they touch the plastic. Adds three to four days to the shelf life and reduces food waste.


For fridge space...

If you’re short of fridge space in the warm summer months, free up the shelves by removing a few items that don’t need to be kept there. Some foods don’t need to be refrigerated and will keep very well at an ambient temperature.


For eggs...

Boxes of eggs will keep in a cool store cupboard – and actually work better for baking if they are room temperature.


For bread...

Sliced bread, rolls and wraps all these last longer at room temperature and will actually stale quicker if stored in the fridge.


For tomatoes...

Ripe tomatoes and soft fruits can be stored in the fridge if temperatures are soaring, but remove on day of use and allow to warm through before eating to really appreciate the sweetest of flavours.