The blue mind


There is a peace and clarity that comes with being near water which makes sense when you think that the brain and heart are composed of 73% water. We spend our holidays by a swimming pool or the sea, refresh ourselves with daily soothing showers and baths and many people dream of building their own homes and living near large expanses of water.Our affinity with water is said to be reflected in our attraction to the colour blue. As well as the sea, blue is the colour of the clear sky and it is associated with open spaces, freedom, intuition, truth and depth. We are innately enticed by aquatic hues because they make our body and mind relax and exude feelings of tranquillity, order and calm. Time and again in research, blue is cited to be the World’s favourite colour.

A US marine biologist, Wallace J. Nichols, who has dedicated his life to understanding the effects of water on our brains, believes we all have a ‘blue mind’ that is triggered when we are in or near water. Nichols describes this as a ‘mildly meditative state characterised by calm, peacefulness, unity and a sense of general happiness and satisfaction with life at the moment’. He believes this calm state facilitates clarity and insight and allows us to tap into our most creative selves. 

Just add water 
Olverum Bath Oil
Olverum Bath Oil
Olverum Bath Oil


Olverum Bath Oil


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In our modern world, where we are hyper-stimulated and over-connected with technology, sitting too long at our desks and rushing against the clock and deadlines, we barely have time to breathe and take short, shallow breaths. This is the opposite of what our bodies naturally crave: An existence where our minds can rest and wander freely. Being around water allows our brains and senses to rest from overstimulation; essentially, it is a holiday for our brains. We are constantly bombarded with sensory input and, like any muscle in our bodies, our brains need downtime; the sight and sound of water is much easier to process than any other information. People who float in water often register a change from more active brainwaves to slower theta brain waves – brain waves that reduce stress and aid healing. A relaxed state of mind is important for being creative; we release the hormone dopamine, which facilitates clarity and creativity.

When we relax, our brains switch into a different mode of engagement: A resting state, known as the default mode network. This is extremely important for creativity and being in this state often allows us to solve problems by making new neural connections, unleashing a flow of creative ideas. You can see different situations from different perspectives. These ideas are widely considered to be some of the best problem-solving solutions our minds can generate. 

Live well through nature

Being by the big blue creates a sense of general happiness and satisfaction with life at that moment, which is why we're so proud to announce my first Onolla spa and wellness concept, LiveWell through nature concept at the glorious Santo Maris hideaway, Santorini, Greece. It is surrounded by blue and has the best sunset in the world, never mind the island!

The Santo Wellness Junior Suites Private Pool are brought to you in a concept only found at Santo Maris, with the inspiration of Onolla. 



Bathe, by Suzanne Duckett


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